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Empower residential real estate investors to make the right decision.

An AI-powered analyzing platform for residential real estate investors.


At rizep, we use machine learning algorithms to analyze the key metrics that matter to our investors. We provide the sufficient data to empower investors to recognize value-add opportunities effectively and make the right decisions.


We digitalize and streamline the investment workflow from start to finish: securing a lender, finding an opportunity, making an offer, putting it under contract, finding a contractor, working with a lawyer, requesting title, closing, managing rehab, refinancing and renting it out.


Do the right thing. Create the not-yet-imagined future. Thrive.

Every real estate investment is rooted in the dream of an individual or a family.

Many of us have arrived at real estate investing to create wealth - true wealth that enables us to have true freedom to do what we love and spend time with people we love. rizep was born out of the same dream and believe in rising up together. 


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